Adapted BF3-Amine-Complexes for the production/manufacturing of epoxy resins in the plastics industry

For decades, HEYL has been marketing a wide range of boron trifluoride-amine-complexes (BF3-complexes) world-wide, like

  • BFAniline complexBF3-Anilin-Komplex
  • BF3 benzylamine complexBF3-Benzylamin-Komplex
  • BF3 isopropylamine complexBF3-Isopropylamin-Komplex
  • BF3 N-methylcyclohexylamine complexBF3-N-Methylcyclohexylamin-Komplex
  • BF3 mono-ethylamine complexBF3-Monoethylamin-Komplex

Amongst other things, these complexes are used in the plastics industry as accelerators, or hardeners, for epoxy resin systems. The properties of the BF3-complexes depend on the Lewis-basicity of the amine and can be adapted according to its later function.

Production, distribution, and support have been centralised in our subsidiary Laborchemie Apolda GmbH. A product overview can be found on Laborchemie Apolda‘s website.