Parajuli D et al. 2013; Prussian blue nanoparticles for the enrichment of radioactive cesium in colutions; Waste Management Conference: International collaboration and continuous improvement, Phoenix, AZ (USA), 24-28 Feb 2013

Study Design: Prussian Blue (PB) nanoparticles in various forms were compared for their ability to adsorb cesium (Cs) from water.

Results: Water dispersible nano-PB could remove trace level Cs from stagnant water highly effective, nano-PB loaded filters collected Cs from flow systems like river water effectively and for removing Cs from high concentrated systems water insoluble nano-PB adsorbent was the best option.

Conclusions: Successful enrichment and safe-storage of Cs radioisotopes depends on the selected nano-PB adsorbent according to the system type and the concrete Cs concentration levels.