Seishima R et al. 2016; Sulfasalazine, a therapeutic agent for ulcerative colitis, inhibits the growth of CD44v9+ cancer stem cells in ulcerative colitis-related cancer; Clin. Res. Hepatol. Gastroenterol. 40(4):487-93

Study design: This retrospective study compared the expression of cancer stem cell surface marker CD44v9+ and proliferation of CD44+ cancer cells in patients treated with sulfasalazine in long-term or short-term therapy.

Results: CD44v9+ expression and median proportion of proliferating CD44v9+ were decreased in the long-term treated group  compared to the short-term group as shown by immunohistochemical analysis.

Conclusions: Proliferation of CD44v9+ cells is reduced by long-term sulfasalazine administration, suggesting sulfasalazine as a new potential therapeutic agent targeting CD44v9+ cells.