Wilson JP et al. 2015; Decorporation of systemically distributed americium by a novel orally administered diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid (DTPA) formulation in beagle dogs; Health Phys. 108(3):308-18

Study design: Beagle dogs received various doses of NanoDTPATM capsules to decorporate administered 241Americium (241Am). Efficacy of NanoDTPATM was compared to intravenously administered saline and Zn-DTPA.

Results: Both DTPA formulations increased urinary and fecal 241Am excretion 10-fold compared to saline treatment and liver content of 241Am was about eightfold decreased compared to control.

Conclusions: Oral NanoDTPATM capsules are comparable to intravenously administered Zn-DTPA in their efficacy to decorporate 241Am in a dose dependent manner.