Karakulak UN et al. 2015; An arrhythmic episode after mercury exposure and successful treatment with chelation therapy: A case report; Anatol. J. Cardiol. 15:586-91

Study design: This report surveys the case of a female patient presenting weakness of the limbs, malaise, fatigue, atypical chest pain and palpitation due to mercury intoxication. She was treated three times a day with 3 mg/kg body weight (RS)-2,3-Bis(sulfanyl)propane-1-sulfonic acid, sodium salt (DMPS) for 4 days. Mercury levels of blood, spot urine and 24-h urine were determined continuously.

Results: During treatment decreasing levels of mercury were measured, followed by normalisation of electrocardiogram and disappearance of neurological symptoms.

Conclusions: These findings suggest a possible effect of mercury intoxication on the cardiac conduction system. DMPS therapy was conducted successfully as proven in the measured mercury levels and as observed in the improvement of the physiological parameters.