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Hier finden Fachkreise und Patienten Kurzzusammenfassungen (“Abstracts”) wissenschaftlicher  Publikationen zu den in unseren Produkten enthaltenen Wirkstoffen. Falls vorhanden, ist ein Link zur Online-Version der Publikation angegeben.

    11.05.2016 | Kategorie: » Antidota

    Wilson JP et al. 2015; Decorporation of systemically distributed americium by a novel orally administered diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid (DTPA) formulation in beagle dogs; Health Phys. 108(3):308-18

    Study design: Beagle dogs received various doses of NanoDTPATM capsules to decorporate administered 241Americium (241Am). Efficacy of NanoDTPATM was compared to intravenously … » Mehr

    11.05.2016 | Kategorie: » Antidota

    Shankar GN et al. 2014; Evaluating the toxicity of novel Zn-DTPA tablet formulation in dogs and rats; Drug Dev. Res. 75(1):37-46

    Study design: Beagle dogs were treated with increasing doses of trisodium zinc pentetate (Zn-DTPA) in a novel oral solid tablet form for seven days to determine its toxicity … » Mehr

    11.05.2016 | Kategorie: » Vitamin D3

    Schwartz JB et al. 2016; Response of vitamin D concentration to vitamin D3 administration in older adults without sun exposure: A randomized double-blind trial; J. Am. Geriatr. Soc. 64(1):65-72

    Study design: Randomized double-blind investigation to evaluate the 25 OHD levels in elderly nursing home residents after 16 weeks when 800, 2 000 or 4 000 IU/day or 50 000 … » Mehr

    11.05.2016 | Kategorie: » Vitamin D3

    Välimäki VV et al. 2016; How well are the optimal serum 25OHD concentrations reached in high-dose intermittent vitamin D therapy? A placebo-controlled study on comparison between 100 000 IU and 200 000 IU of oral D3 every 3 months in elderly women; Clin. Endocrinol. 84(6):837-44

    Study design: Elderly women received 100 000 or 200 000 IU of vitamin D3 or placebo orally every 3 months plus 1 g of calcium daily over one year to test intermittent … » Mehr

    11.05.2016 | Kategorie: » Pharma

    Seishima R et al. 2016; Sulfasalazine, a therapeutic agent for ulcerative colitis, inhibits the growth of CD44v9+ cancer stem cells in ulcerative colitis-related cancer; Clin. Res. Hepatol. Gastroenterol. 40(4):487-93

    Study design: This retrospective study compared the expression of cancer stem cell surface marker CD44v9+ and proliferation of CD44+ cancer cells in patients treated with … » Mehr

    11.05.2016 | Kategorie: » Rheuma

    Baset MA et al. 2015; Effectiveness of methotrexate and sulfasalazine alone versus methotrexate and sulphasalazine combination in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis; Bangladesh J. Med. 26(2):67-75

    Study design: In this comparative descriptive study 30 patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) received either methotrexate (MTX), sulfasalazine (SSZ) or MTX plus … » Mehr

    11.05.2016 | Kategorie: » Toxoplasmose

    Montejo C et al. 2004; Time delay avoids interaction between guar gum and sulphadiazine after oral administration; J. Drug Deliv. Sci. Technol. 14(5):395-9

    Study design: In a two-way-cross-over design volunteers received sulphadiazine alone or one hour after an oral dose of guar gum. Drug and metabolite levels were measured up … » Mehr

    11.05.2016 | Kategorie: » Toxoplasmose

    Köksal ZS et al. 2016; In vivo efficacy of drugs acting on Toxoplasma gondii combined with immunomodulators; Jpn. J. Infect. Dis. 69(2):113-7

    Study design: Treatment of T. gondii infected mice with various combinations of sulphadiazine and pyrimethmamine plus levamisole or echinacea to determine their influence on … » Mehr

    11.05.2016 | Kategorie: » Pharma

    Mendoza FA et al. 2016; Severe eosinophilic fasciitis: Comparison of treatment with D-penicillamine plus corticosteroids versus corticosteroids alone; Scand. J. Rheumatol. 45(2):129-34

    Study design: Long term prospective non-randomised trial to compare therapeutic effectiveness of corticosteroids (CS) and CS plus D-penicillamine (D-pen) in patients with … » Mehr

    11.05.2016 | Kategorie: » Pharma

    Brancaleone V et al. 2016; D-penicillamine modulates hydrogen sulfide (H2S) pathway through selective inhibition of cystathionine-gamma-lyase (CSE); Br. J. Pharmacol. 173(9):1556-65

    Study design: D-penicillamine (D-pen) was tested on mouse artoa rings for its vasodilatory effect as a possible cysteine analogue and its effect on H2S … » Mehr