Almeida MR et al. 2015; Effects of maternal vitamin B6 deficiency and over-supplementation on DNA damage and oxidative stress in rat dams and their offspring; Food Chem. Toxicol. 80:201-5

Study design: Female rats were fed with standard diet, 30 mg/kg vitamin B6 supplemented diet or deficient diet during mating, pregnancy and lactation. The offspring was examined regarding micronucleus frequency in peripheral blood plus bone marrow cells and the concentration of hepatic TBARS.

Results: Rat pups of vitamin B6 deficiently fed mothers showed increased micronucleus frequency and higher concentration of hepatic TBARS whereas over-supplementation revealed no changes of these parameters compared to standard diet.

Conclusions: Vitamin B6 deficiency in rat dams induces higher frequency of micronucleus in their pups, indicating its effect on DNA damage in the young offspring.