From an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) to a finished pharmaceutical

Traditionally, HEYL manufactured agents such as:

  • Prussian Blue (Fe7C18N18 x H2O)Berliner-Blau
  • D-Penicillamine (C5H11NO2S)D-Penicillamin
  • Sodium DMPS (C3H7NaO3S3 x H2O)Natrium-DMPS

by themselves. By now, these syntheses are carried out by our subsidiary Laborchemie Apolda GmbH under strict GMP (“Good manufacturing practices) conditions. There are regular audits of national and international authorities, as well as customer audits with the LCA. Notes on LCA’s large portfolio of self-produced APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) can be found under Laborchemie Apolda.