Specific Vitamin Deficiency

Every vitamin has its own important role in the regulation of the human metabolism and is essential for the optimal functioning of the body.

Vitamins are essential for many vital functions of the human body. Our body often cannot, or only insufficently, synthesize these organic bonds by itself. That is why vitamins need to be taken up included in our diet.

As a result of an increased demand, an insufficient availability in the body, or an impaired reabsorption, for example due to the intake of certain medications, a vitamin deficiency can occur, which can have far-reaching effects on our health.

The company HEYL has focused on the production of highly efficient vitamin concentrates of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B6.

Our body needs Vitamin D3 for the sufficient assimilation of calcium and phosphate from our food and their subsequent utilization in our metabolism. It is a fat-soluble steroid hormone that is normally produced photochemically in our skin (“sunshine vitamin”). Exposing the face, forearms, and hands for only a few minutes daily is usually enough. However, the vitamin D deficiency caused by lifestyle modifications is becoming a world-wide health issue. Induced by insufficient endogenous synthesis, the lack of vitamin D can lead to changes in the calcium and phosphate metabolisms and consequently to impaired bone developments in children (known as rickets) and bone decalcification in adults (osteomalacia). In addition to the bone metabolism, possible influences on other diseases such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases and other chronic diseases are increasingly being discussed. Cholecalciferol, the chemical agent of vitamin D3, has been listed in the “WHO Model List of Essential Medicines” for years.

Vitamin B6 is also essential for our organism. After Vitamin B6 enters our body, it gets changed into a coenzyme (molecule that aids in enzymatic reactions), which plays a central part in the protein metabolism. This explains why an undersupply of Vitamin B6 can lead to complex deficiency symptoms that, amongst other things, can appear as skin alterations or inflammation of the nerves or the conjunctiva of the eyes. A particular need of this vitamin occurs in all diseases that are associated with an increased protein turnover.

Hypovitaminosis Vitamin D3 and Vitamin Bfalls within the therapeutic area of the vitamin concentrates D3-Vicotrat® and B6-Vicotrat® from HEYL. In Germany, HEYL is the only provider of an injectable solution for Vitamin D3.

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