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Continuous growth since 1926.


Heyl Chemisch-pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH & Co.KG's milestones


The beginnings of the Heyl family

In 1734, Jacob Friedrich Heyl founded a material goods shop in old Berlin. This was transformed by the direct descendent, Johann Friedrich Heyl, into the paints factory and chemical wholesale firm J.F. Heyl & Cie in 1765. With the work of Ernst Eduard Heyl, the "Heyl´sche Farbenfabrik" in Berlin-Charlottenburg branched off in 1833. It evolved to be a major player in the field of artists' colors.


The founding of Heyl Chemisch-pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH & Co.KG

The company HEYL Chemisch- pharmazeutische Fabrik Berlin was founded on 16 December 1926 by Dr. med. Werner Heyl. The main areas of activity included the extraction and processing of cod liver oil following our own, patented methods, as well as the production of, at that time, a new vitamin supplements. HEYL can also look back on years of experience in the field of anti-inflammatory drugs - the company's very first product was Polyphlogin®, a very well known antirheumatic in its time.


The reconstruction after the war

As a result of the aftermath of World War II, HEYL's production sites in East Berlin and abroad were completely destroyed or expropriated. Still, Heyl managed to be the first enterprise in Germany after the war to manufacture vitamin B12 and the antibiotic Streptomycin for treatment against tuberculosis.


Move to Berlin-Zehlendorf

In 1960, the head office was moved to Goerzallee 253 in Berlin-Zehlendorf. It was here that D-Penicillamin was first developed as a treatment for Morbus Wilson as well as a standard therapeutic treatment for chronic rheumatoid arthritis. In 1964, Sulfadiazin-Heyl® was developed for the treatment of toxoplasmosis.


Experience in the field of collagen

In the beginning of 1976 we received a so called GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate for one of our most important product groups, being one of the first pharmaceutical factories to do so in Berlin. This certificate confirms that our production follows the guidelines of the WHO. At this time our main area of activity was the collagen metabolism and the retrieval of collagen as well as collagen derivatives. We then started supplying L'Oréal and Estée Lauder with collagen, in cooperation with the company Merck.


Founding of Heyltex Corporation in Houston/Texas, USA

To intensify the international business relationships, the Heyltex Corporation in Houston/Texas, USA was established on 13 September, 1979. Having received the approval of the FDA for the shipment of Radiogardase® into the USA, Heyltex turned into an important distributor in the United States.


Establishment of Heyl Japan Co. Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan

As another international foothold, a second subsidiary was established on 26 July, 1983: Heyl Japan Co. Ltd. in Tokyo. This office maintains close relationships with leading pharmaceutical and cosmetic businesses in Japan and is also in charge of the entire Asian region.


Acquisition of Laborchemie Apolda GmbH

To further improve our production possibilities in the field of chemical synthesis, the VEB Laborchemie GmbH was privatized and taken over as a subsidiary of HEYL under the name Laborchemie Apolda GmbH on 17 December, 1993. Nowadays, products like D-Penicillamin and DMPS are synthesized there in newly installed facilities.


Approval of Dimaval in Germany

We received the permit for the DMPS with the name Dimaval in 1997.


Approval of Radiogardase in the USA and Dimaval in Taiwan

In 2003, the FDA approved Radiogardase for the USA. Our subsidiary, the Heyltex Corporation, has since then supplied the US as the sole distributor. We received the license for Dimaval in Taiwan by the TFDA around the same time.


Approval of Radiogardase in Japan

In 2010, Radiogardase was approved in Japan.


Approval of Ca-DTPA nd Zn-DTPA in Japan

Our Partner Nihon Medi-Physics received the license for the DITRIPENTAT-Cal Injection 1000mg and Zinc-TRIPENTAT Injection 1055 mg in 2011.


US BARDA R & D Cooperation

We received financial support from US BARDA R&D to develop a dosage form suitable for kids for Radiogardase®.


Move into the landmarked Bayer-House

In April 2014, the company HEYL moved from the Goerzallee to the very central Kurfürstendamm 178-179, into the landmarked Bayer-House built in 1952. This is the current administrative center of Heyl Chem.-pharm. Fabrik GmbH & Co.KG.


Approval for Radiogardase in France

This year, our partner SERB got the approval for Radiogardase® in France.


In-licensing of Cyanokit

HEYL sells the product in Germany as exclusive distributor for SERB S.A. The holder of the marketing authorization and the trademark Cyanokit is SERB S.A. in Brussels.


Co-promotion of Toxogonin

HEYL is Co-Promoter of the Antidot Toxogonin in Germany. The holder of the marketing authorization and the trademark is SERB S.A. in Brussels.


Cooperation with CZ Pharma

Heyl distributes Metalcaptase 150 mg and Metalcaptase 300 mg in the Czech and Slovak Republics in cooperation with its Czech partner CZ Pharma s.r.o.. The marketing authorisation holder in both countries is Heyl.


Approval of D3-Vicotrat® in Palestine

Heyl distributes D3-Vicotrat® in Palestine in cooperation with the local partner Platinum Pharma Co.ltd. The marketing authorization holder is Heyl.