Heyl - Abstract-Bibliothek


Here, professionals and patients will find short summaries (“abstracts”) of scientific publications concerning the agents used in our products. If available, a link to the online-version of the publication will be given.

    11.05.2016 | Category: » Toxoplasmose

    Montejo C et al. 2004; Time delay avoids interaction between guar gum and sulphadiazine after oral administration; J. Drug Deliv. Sci. Technol. 14(5):395-9

    Study design: In a two-way-cross-over design volunteers received sulphadiazine alone or one hour after an oral dose of guar gum. Drug and metabolite levels were measured up … » More

    11.05.2016 | Category: » Toxoplasmose

    Köksal ZS et al. 2016; In vivo efficacy of drugs acting on Toxoplasma gondii combined with immunomodulators; Jpn. J. Infect. Dis. 69(2):113-7

    Study design: Treatment of T. gondii infected mice with various combinations of sulphadiazine and pyrimethmamine plus levamisole or echinacea to determine their influence on … » More