Heyl - Abstract-Bibliothek


Here, professionals and patients will find short summaries (“abstracts”) of scientific publications concerning the agents used in our products. If available, a link to the online-version of the publication will be given.

    11.05.2016 | Category: » Vitamin B6

    Almeida MR et al. 2015; Effects of maternal vitamin B6 deficiency and over-supplementation on DNA damage and oxidative stress in rat dams and their offspring; Food Chem. Toxicol. 80:201-5

    Study design: Female rats were fed with standard diet, 30 mg/kg vitamin B6 supplemented diet or deficient diet during mating, pregnancy and lactation. The offspring was … » More

    11.05.2016 | Category: » Vitamin B6

    Shobeiri F et al. 2015; Clinical effectiveness of vitamin E and vitamin B6 for improving pain severity in cyclic mastalgia; Iran. J. Nurs. Midwifery Res. 20(6):723-7

    Study design: Female patients suffering from cyclic mastalgia received 200 IU vitamin E or 40 mg vitamin B6 daily for 2 months, randomised in a double-blinded clinical trial, … » More